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Amazon’s market share isn’t getting any smaller. You need more than just another Amazon Agency if you’re going to grow your business intentionally and profitably on the eCommerce behemoth.

You need proven, growth-driven strategies from a Strategic Partner that’s navigated Amazon Optimization successfully time and time again for a wide variety of brands: ranging from sporting goods and apparel to CPG and food and beverage.

You need Amazon growth strategies from an agency that understands your business model.

You’re in the right place.

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Amazon Listing Optimization is hard.

What works on Google and Facebook doesn’t work on Amazon.

The algorithms are different. The rules are different. Brands that fail to do things the right way risk getting their storefront suspended.

If you want to become an Amazon Best Seller, you’re going to need a well-executed strategy rooted in a deep understanding of how Amazon works, combined with an incredible customer experience. The best way to get 5-star reviews on Amazon is to provide 5-star customer experience.

And if you need help getting there, you need to work with a 5-star Amazon Marketing Agency like Fidelitas.

We take a holistic, brand growth-first approach to Amazon for our clients. We understand that Amazon should serve as a customer acquisition channel, NOT a retention channel.

If you’re stuck playing checkers while your competitors are playing chess, it’s time to level up your Amazon growth strategy. Fidelitas supports our clients on Amazon with:

  • Brand and Storefront Development
  • Amazon SEO Services
  • Amazon Ads / PPC
  • Amazon Attribution Modeling and Reporting
  • Guidance on Pricing Strategies
  • Competition Monitoring
  • Customer Retention Strategies

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Amazon Audit Includes:

  • Pricing Strategy Analysis
  • Amazon Compliance Assessment
  • Storefront and Brand Analysis
  • Amazon Ads / PPC Analysis
  • Attribution Modeling Recommendations
  • Amazon SEO Analysis
  • Amazon Catalog Structure

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