You Don’t Need a Facebook Agency, You Need a Strategic Partner That Understands Paid Media Marketing-Driven Growth.

Great Creative +
Sound, Proven Paid Media marketing Strategies +
ROI-Driven Attribution =
Profitable, Scalable GROWTH.

And You’re In The Right Place.

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Anyone can run Paid Ads on Search and Social Channels- just ask them.

But if “running ads” was all that you needed, you’d be on or still working with one of the agencies that burned you- and wouldn’t be considering the services of industry leading experts like our team. We won’t claim to have written the recipe for profitable paid media marketing campaigns, but we’re pretty darn sure it doesn’t include fancy buzzwords, “mastermind hacks” from random Facebook groups, or misleading claims with ambiguous account screenshots.

Context is everything, so let us give you some:

We manage an average of $70,000 in paid media spend PER DAY.

Our team is a big believer in stewardship- if we do well with a little, our clients will trust us to scale their businesses. And that’s a principle Fidelitas was founded on- shared trust with clients as a Strategic Partner.

Jonathan Steffens

“Fidelitas has been a great partner for our paid media marketing campaigns.

Their team of dedicated marketers brought proven and innovative marketing techniques to widen our funnels and create scalable campaigns that have allowed us to scale profitably. Fidelitas’s white-glove approach is the perfect balance of hands-on expertise coupled and cooperative marketing, making them an ideal partner in our success. I’d gladly recommend them to any eCommerce brand looking for a partner to scale to the next level.”

Jonathan Steffens
eCommerce Manager at American Outdoor Brands

We’re not your typical
Paid MEdia Agency.

We tie everything back to net profit while most paid media marketing agencies hang their hats on vanity metrics. Any other metric is window dressing. If you’re unable to see the impact of our work on your bottom line, you’re either going to give up on paid media as a channel or have a very sizable tax write-off at the end of the year.
If you want uncommon results, you have to take an uncommon approach:
  • Clean, Scalable Campaign Structures
  • Integrated Approach with Your Retention Marketing Team
  • SKU/Service-Specific ROAS Targets Tied to Net Profit For Truly Scalable Results

You need to get started
with our Comprehensive Paid Media Audit:

Our detailed audit examines both simple and complex aspects of your paid media campaigns to unearth opportunities to increase your net profit. Our Paid Media Audit includes:
  • Pixel and Catalog Setup
  • Ads Manager Structure Recommendations
  • Targeting Strategies
  • Bidding and Optimization Best Practices
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Creative (Copy, Imagery, Messaging, and Audience Segmentation Recommendations)

Find out what your paid media marketing strategy is missing with our FREE Comprehensive Paid Media Audit:

Stop Burning Your Budget Stuck In The Learning Phase.
Make Your Paid Media Marketing Campaigns:
  • More Efficient
  • Less Stressful
  • Less Ambiguous
  • More Scalable
  • More Profitable
Work with a Strategic Partner You Can Trust. Get Started With A Free Audit:
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