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Content Marketing

Creating great content is hard.

Creating great content that stands out from the noise and produces measurable results?

Now you’re in uncharted territory.
Or you’re working with Fidelitas Content Marketing Services.

What Makes Content Marketing Services
At Fidelitas The Best Choice
For Your Brand?

Our team of writers, designers, video producers, podcast professionals, and subject-matter experts are well-positioned to help you build brand loyalty by positioning your brand as THE expert in your industry. Our content marketing services is dedicated to producing content that matches each client’s brand tone and voice while serving as an asset to Lead Generation, SEO, PR, and Social Media Marketing efforts, too.

Our Team Can Help You Create Content That Converts On Any Channel:


Our team of subject matter experts study your industry and brand so that we truly sound like we’re a part of your team. Our team handles all writing, image selection or creation, and publishing with best practices for on-page SEO for our clients.


Whether you’re looking to produce a national TV commercial, video for paid digital ads, or a simple customer testimonial video, our team of video production experts are focused on delivering maximum value for each client’s project.


Podcasts are an emerging opportunity for brands, but many marketing leaders aren’t sure where to even start. Our team handles end-to-end production, concept creation, transcription, guest bookings, distribution, and promotion for our clients.


They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but how about a thousand leads instead? Our info-graphs help clients deliver expert-level content in bite-sized chunks that leads to superior engagement across third party channels. All writing and design services are included.


If your brand is in need of sales support materials, you’ve come to the right place. Our content creation team works hand-in-hand with our clients’ sales teams to deliver decks and PDFs that serve as both lead generation hooks and sales support materials during the lead nurturing process. All writing and design is created in line with the brand’s voice and tone, and is included in the scope of our work together.

Purpose-Driven Content
Converts Better.

That’s why we start with extensive research rooted in the latest proven SEO principles, your core business model, customer insights, your own site’s analytics, and competitive research to identify chinks in your competitors’ armor that we can exploit. Then we build a content marketing strategy with ROI-driven KPIs to track the effectiveness of our work.

We don’t fish for sales
with link bait.

Our team works to produce content that outperforms the competition. It’s really pretty simple. If we help our clients produce content that’s superior to their competition, their results will be superior too.

If a typical content marketer creates content,
does anyone see it?

Cross-channel collaboration leads to an increase in audience reach and engagement for content that is, at other agencies or even in-house, often created in a vacuum. This enables us to get more eyeballs on the data-driven content we’re creating- not for the purpose of populating pages, but for the purpose of driving sales. That’s why we involve our clients’ SEO, PR, Paid Media, and Social teams in our content strategy, whether they’re housed at another agency, reside in-house, or are right down the hall at Fidelitas HQ.


“As a one man team and a master of none managing all components of digital marketing operations is no easy task. Insert Fidelitas.

It was a massive undertaking but their expertise in and guidance in developing a cohesive content strategy and bringing it to life for us was a huge win.

No matter the problem or scenario that was thrown their way the execution was impeccable. Added bonus, they’re truly a pleasure to work with.”

Bailey Rogers
Director of Marketing, Office1

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