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We’re Not
Your Grandpa’s PR Agency

Times Have Changed.
Has Your PR Agency’s Strategy?

As times change, press coverage has become harder and harder to come by without falling into the pay-to-play trap. The days of journalists picking up their phone when agencies call are very limited unless the agency—like Fidelitas—has built relationships that motivate the journalist to answer. And how helpful is a database when media outlets are laying off journalists every six months? Modern challenges call for modern solutions, and that’s where Fidelitas rises above other agencies.

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It Starts With A Partnership Agreement.

When you join the Fidelitas family as a client or a teammate, we all agree to work together with a partnership mindset. This means transparency both ways, built-in trust from day one as we develop plans together, and a commitment to honest, open communication; all things you don’t typically experience with most agencies. A joint commitment to champion our valued strong relationship leads to the best possible outcome for all parties: profitable, trackable results from people that actually enjoy working together for brands worth building.

Securing earned media coverage that moves the needle for your bottom line is hard. That’s where our team’s value as your PR Strategic Partner comes in. You don’t need a PR Agency to come in and ask you what you’d like them to do.

You need a PR Agency that can lead you to the promised land of quality coverage aligned with your business goals by collaborating with your team on a strategic level.

Adam Wainwright

“Fidelitas has been an incredible partner for Big League Impact. Their team shares our strategic vision and has been a huge help with our PR and digital marketing needs.

I’d recommend them to anyone looking for marketing and PR help.”

Adam Wainwright
Big League Impact Founder and St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher

Here’s how we’re different from other
PR Agencies:

  • Integrated Approach to Earned Media with SEO and Paid Ads Teams
  • Data-Driven Coverage Priorities
  • A Superior Understanding of the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) Factor
  • ROI-Driven Reporting Around Metrics That Matter
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Why Not Work With A PR Agency That Eats Its Own Dog Food?

Check out some of the coverage Fidelitas and our CEO, Tyler Sickmeyer, have earned using the same tried-and-true methodology that works for our clients:


Defining The Services

Public Relations Strategic Planning

Our clients expect and receive PR experts who provide world-class strategic improvement of your brand and accumulated communications. Whether it be national media coverage of a story or a local newsletter highlighting a customer experience, together Fidelitas and our client determine the best results-oriented options for the brand.

Influencer Marketing

Typically, people think of influencer marketing as a type of social media marketing that provides product mentions or endorsements from the influencers. At Fidelitas, we go a step further. In addition to the normal social media influencer strategies, we provide influencer marketing from industry experts who may use social media for communication, but also have other avenues to provide their endorsements. Depending upon the specialty products or services of our clients, we strategize to find the varying influencers who will shine the best light on your brand.

Media Relations

Using Fidelitas’ experts and highly rated technology, our PR staff searches for the best, targeted media (digital articles, radio, television, podcasts, and other forms of journalism) to report our client’s objectives, accomplishments, management announcements, and specific news of value that media will want to share with their audience. Fidelitas is different because we have special relationships with media across many business sectors. This has invaluable benefits for our clients.

Crisis & Reputation Management

Threats come with the territory for brands, especially the more you grow. To protect perceptions of your brand, employee morale and investor confidence, Fidelitas works with you to prioritize risks, recognize the severity level of the crisis, and manage it well to recover your reputation and bottom line. We support you through the compliance and litigation process, preparedness and predictions, digital privacy, and if necessary, restructuring and transformation of the reputation. 

Media Training

Let’s face it. Most people are nervous when it comes to speaking with the media, whether by phone, on-camera, or handling a casual podcast. With Fidelitas media training, have confidence that you will elevate your performance and that your company/brand messaging will exceed your audience’s expectations. We provide in-person and virtual training, depending on your needs. 

Speaker’s Training & Engagement

Fidelitas will prepare you for your next keynote speaking event and strategize how to elevate your brand from that engagement. We can also find the best conferences and events for your executives which will bring short and long-term benefits to the brand. Much like Media Training, we can provide you the tools necessary to accomplish the goals you want to achieve. This is where a strong partnership with the expertise Fidelitas provides will make all the difference for you and your brand needs.

Event Management

When an in-person or virtual gathering of media makes sense for your company, Fidelitas knows how to ensure the media sees the value of attending, and that it is an effective tool to move your brand forward. Whether it’s for a product announcement, or simply getting your message to the public, our agency has provided clients with exceptional events with bottom line results.

Tyler on Fox

Why Not Work With A PR Agency That Eats Its Own Dog Food?

Check out some of the coverage Fidelitas and our CEO, Tyler Sickmeyer, have earned using the same tried-and-true methodology that works for our clients:

Public Relations FAQ’s

What is PR? 

PR is the acronym for Public Relations which is defined as the strategic communication from an organization to the public to maintain or improve the brand of the organization for the mutual benefit of all parties.

Can a PR agency grow my audience?

Fidelitas certainly grows our clients’ audience when the planned strategy is to take your audience or customer base to the next level. There are several ways to accomplish the goal, which is why we work in partnership to choose the best individualized applications for each of our clients.

How does public relations help my business?

At Fidelitas, our public relations strategy team uses every tool available to elevate your brand’s image and mission while improving or maintaining your company’s reputation. We utilize our established relationships with media members and influencers to elevate the priorities of your brand bringing exposure, credibility, and furthering brand loyalty.

What is the best PR strategy?

Which strategy is best for your company and brand depends entirely on what your needs are. Is there a reputation issue to resolve first? Do you need increased customers? Perhaps you are looking for articles in top publications? These and other questions are part of our onboarding process to determine the priorities and strategies to support those needs of our client and then….we get to work!

What is the difference between PR and Ads?


Earned through media relationships

Builds brand trust

Media offers third-party validation

Media controls final version

Earned not paid

Example: “This information is important”



Builds exposure

Audience is skeptical

Complete creative control

More expensive

Example: “buy this product”

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