Social Media Marketing Serves have evolved beyond “Wisdom Wednesday.”

Has your marketing Agency?


Social Media Marketing Serves have evolved beyond “Wisdom Wednesday.”

Has your marketing Agency?


Social media channels aren’t the quirky new thing that CMOs delegate to interns any more. And with greater resources dedicated to some of the most critical channels for brands and their marketing teams come greater expectations.

It’s not enough to just “have good content.” Social media marketing teams need to craft engaging content that’s consistent with the brand’s messaging strategy while maintaining brand voice, having an always-on listening mechanism, and staying in tandem with the brand’s content team, PR team, and paid media team. Oh, and the CEO wants your follower count to double by next Wednesday with no budget for promoted posts.

Sound Familiar?

But still, many marketing leaders keep social media marketing in-house. Here’s why:
  • Lack of Tangible ROI from Social Media Marketing Agencies
  • Lack of Understanding of Brand Voice and Messaging
  • Failure to Capture “You Had To Be There” Moments
  • Missed Collaboration Opportunities

You need more than a Social Media Marketing Agency. You need a Strategic Partner that understands how to integrate your social strategy with your brand strategy, business model, and most importantly, your in-house marketing team. That’s where Fidelitas comes in.

Ronelle Franklin

“Fidelitas has premium social media marketing services.

They work with you to ensure they are meeting your goals and are willing to adapt and adjust direction as quickly as our new products demand. I’d highly recommend using them for many of your marketing needs.”

Ronelle Franklin
Brand Manager at Lockdown

It’s Time to Flush the poop

Social Metrics Down the Toilet.

Your Social Media Marketing Agency needs to be able to show a tangible ROI on your organic social media campaigns. That means cutting out vanity metrics like reach and likes (in most cases), and focusing on needle-moving metrics like website traffic, conversions, and email sign-ups. (Did we mention retention marketing, or were we both just thinking it?)
When you start working with Fidelitas, we agree upon the most important KPIs for your social media campaigns ahead of time, and then focus relentlessly on driving results where your brand needs them most.
Imagine that, accountability from your Social Media Marketing Agency. It’s not everything, but it’s a start.

If you choose to enlist Fidelitas for help with your social media marketing services, you’re in great company:

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So where do we go from here?

Sign up and receive a free social media Marketing Audit

Our Comprehensive Social Media
Marketing Audit Includes:

  • Audience Targeting Analysis
  • Posting Frequency Analysis
  • Analysis of Response Times and Engagement
  • Content Strategy
  • Promotion Strategy
  • Paid Media Integration Opportunities
  • Collaboration Opportunities
  • Current Reporting Analysis Against Best Practices
  • Content Effectiveness Analysis
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Channel Prioritization

Whether you’re new to the social media marketing game or a seasoned veteran, we guarantee you’ll come away from this FREE assessment with actionable insights to help take your social media strategy to the next level.

You Can Partner with Fidelitas to:

  • Hone Your Content Strategy with the Right Mix of Quantity and Quality
  • Relax without Being “Always On” as Our Team Listens to Your Accounts’ Mentions
  • Execute an Omni-Channel Approach in Collaboration with the Rest of Your Marketing Team
  • Create Memorable Campaigns Designed to Acquire Attention and Scale Audiences
  • Drive Measurable Results
Starting at $2,500 Per Month
Sign Up Here for Our free Social Media Marketing Audit and See For Yourself:

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