Fidelitas Brand Refresh: What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There

There’s no denying that we’re in a recession. Customers are spending 50% more on basic staples like food and gas, and that means most customers have less discretionary spending power than at any other time in recent history. And with the Fed continually raising interest rates to try and get a handle on that inflation, working capital to weather the storm is harder than ever to acquire.

Think you’ll just go out and run back those Facebook ads to find new customers? Think again.

No business is sitting here today thanking their lucky stars that customer acquisition is easier and more cost-efficient than ever. Thanks to Apple’s privacy changes (by the way, Google isn’t far behind) it’s harder than ever to quantify the effects of marketing spend.

So, to recap: brands have fewer dollars available to market to fewer available customers with less clarity on which channels to use to acquire those customers effectively, and even if a brand does successfully engage those customers they have less purchasing power available.

Forget growth for a second, most brands are in survival mode and don’t even realize it yet. You’re already seeing the effects of this with massive layoffs and hiring freezes at major companies.

If companies with BILLIONS in the bank are concerned, we should be, too.

Everyone still wants to grow, but most are going to spend the next six to eighteen months stuck in survival mode instead.

But survival – and eventually, growth- of the fittest isn’t just tied to head counts and in-sourcing versus out-sourcing.

It’s tied to the very core of your marketing strategy.

That’s why, on our 14th birthday, Fidelitas is continuing to evolve to meet brands’ evolving needs. Today we’re unveiling a refreshed brand and shorter URL that reflects the simplicity, clarity, and boldness that are needed for and by the clients we serve today.

The changes aren’t just cosmetic. I’m excited to announce the hiring of our first Chief Strategy Officer, Beau Haralson. Beau has extensive experience working with both Fortune 50 brands and well-funded startups alike. Beau shares our vision for strategy-driven relationships with our clients and is equally hungry to help our clients experience measurable, sustainable growth at a time when most won’t.

At Fidelitas, we’re committed to rising to the challenges our clients are facing today, as well as to the challenges you’re going to face tomorrow. We’re relentless in our pursuit of success for the brands that you might refer to as our clients but, internally, we refer to as our Strategic Partners.

If you’re just interested in surviving, Fidelitas isn’t going to be the right fit for your brand. Our clients are winning. We believe that winners keep score, and we’re no exception. Here are some wins our team has enjoyed with our clients recently:

Quintupling Online Sales via Paid Media and SEO
Driving Eight Figures of Revenue per Month from a Previously Dormant Channel (Email)
Landing National TV Coverage for the First Time
Setting Sales Records in Our First Week Together
Driving a 5x Return on Agency-Adjusted Marketing Spend for SEO

If you’re not working with us yet and you’re hungry to do more than just survive this year, now’s the time to talk. Get started on your marketing strategy.

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