walt disney flywheel - a roadmap for synergy

A Roadmap For Synergy (And Success)

One of the best entrepreneurs and creators of all time, Walt Disney, is best known for his creation of iconic cartoon characters. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the empire he built. In 1957 with some wind at his back, Disney crafted the following road map of synergies between the different divisions of Disney:


As you can see, no initiative operates on an island- all contribute to the greater flywheel that Walt Disney created over decades of hard work and ingenuity. From testing out new characters in short-form TV before developing full-length feature films to leveraging content to promote Disneyland, the tie-ins between seemingly separate business divisions are endless. Fast-forward to the present, and you’d see additional boxes for ESPN, Disney+, and the global collection of parks and resorts.

You don’t have to be a global conglomerate to leverage synergies throughout your business. Too many leaders are content to allow their businesses to incubate silos. We bang the omni-channel marketing flywheel drum constantly, but it’s bigger than that. Leaders should constantly pursue and explore opportunities for collaboration between seemingly separate business units for the sake of a business as a whole.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Tap into your influencer engagement metrics and leverage their audiences to test new SKUs before launching them.
  • Turn your earned media coverage and influencer content into high-octane ad creative.
  • Encourage your brick-and-mortar employees to shoot social content with honest, off-the-cuff reviews of their favorite products for organic social content.
  • Including QR codes to “how-to” videos or extended warranty offers to connect Amazon customers to your brand directly.
  • Leveraging your content creation engine to land brand collaborations and tap into their audiences to grow your business.

What dots are you working to connect this quarter? Our team here at Fidelitas is ready to help.

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