E-Mail Marketing for eCommerce

Forget what you’ve heard – email marketing remains a digital marketers’ #1 tool for customer engagement. In fact, email marketing continues to drive more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social.

Are you tired of kicking around a stale email list that simply won’t convert? The Fidelitas team can help you revitalize your strategy so you can grow meaningful relationships with your subscribers and increase your bottom line.

Strategy Development

When was the last time that you refreshed your email marketing strategy? If you’re not closely monitoring trends in subscriber behavior, your strategy may very well be failing to optimize for maximum conversions.

Whether you’re satisfied with your tried-and-true methods or know you need to level up your game plan, it always helps to get an objective set of eyes to comb through your strategy and ensure you’re truly resonating with your audience.

The Fidelitas team will help you dive into past campaigns and conduct a full analysis of what has worked, what hasn’t worked, what your competitors are doing, and target areas where your email strategy can improve.

Email Automation

Email automation is an effective tool for saving time while guiding customers through your sales funnel. In fact, 77 percent of email marketing managers that use email automation have reported a direct increase in conversions.

The Fidelitas team can help you set up targeted, automated campaigns, including: welcome series, drip campaigns, customer ‘winback’ series and – for eCommerce managers – abandoned cart emails and purchase confirmations.

List Management & Segmentation

The era of the dreadful “newsletter blast” is long gone – if you’re not sending personalized emails, you’re essentially leaving bags of money on the table.

Our team will help you send targeted, personalized emails by creating segments based on subscriber preferences and behavior. We’ll also keep your email lists fresh by routinely cleaning out disengaged users.

A/B Subject Testing

Emails are only as effective as their subject lines – if your emails never get opened, your clever copy, eye-catching designs, and call-to-actions don’t matter. The Fidelitas team routinely uses A/B subject line testing to ensure your subscribers pay attention and that your emails get opened.

Analytics Review

Any marketer worth their salt knows data is the lifeblood of a successful campaign. With ample data, marketers can continue to fine-tune an email strategy that’s relevant and personalized to fit the needs of their audience.

Our team will regularly update you on performance analytics so you know what’s working, what’s not working, and simple strategies you can implement to improve.