Public Relations for eCommerce Brands

Fidelitas Development defines a brand as how your business is perceived by your target audience. This makes Public Relations strategy a critical component of Fidelitas’ Brand Management services. The Fidelitas PR team, lead by industry veteran Michelle Stansbury, serves clients in a variety of industries, including retail, luxury brands, technology, non-profits, outdoor retailers, and the shooting sports industry.

Public Relations is all about communication- not just in terms of earned media coverage, but between the PR team and its clients, as well as between our PR team and the journalists that we engage on behalf of our clients. PR is a game of inches, seconds, impressions, and links; the Fidelitas PR team fights for every last bit of coverage for each of our clients.

Launch Campaigns

Brands and their respective marketing leaders only get one chance to launch a new product, location, or service. It’s critical to make a great first impression with prospective customers and the journalists that will help shape their opinions on our clients. Fidelitas works to construct complex multi-stage launch campaigns that are tailored for each client’s specific needs and budget in a concentrated effort of maximizing each client’s return on their campaigns.

Brand Management

Ongoing brand management is critical for brands with limited advertising budget. Nothing beats a referral- and short of a referral from a close friend or family member, referrals from trusted advisors in the media are one of the best ways to drive sales. The Fidelitas team works with clients to identify opportunities to secure earned media that directly correlates to the client’s goals, whether that means more site traffic, increased foot traffic at a brick and mortar location, or a spike in online sales.

Social Media and SEO

The PR landscape continues to change, and the Fidelitas team has its ear to the ground when it comes to the latest industry trends and overall direction of PR at-large. The Fidelitas team, seeing the writing on the wall, took steps to integrate its PR campaigns with its SEO and Social Media campaigns, resulting in increased efficiency for Fidelitas Development’s PR clients that also capitalize on our other service offerings. At Fidelitas, all of our services are fulfilled in-house, meaning that the left hand is truly talking to the right hand- and that our clients are well-positioned for great results on both their PR campaigns as well as their digital campaigns.

Crises Management

No marketing leader wants to experience a brand crises, but most will encounter one or twenty with varying degrees of severity over the course of their careers. The Fidelitas team is ready to step up at a moment’s notice, serving as a communications and informational hub for the media while helping control the information in a manner aligned with the long-term strategy of the brand. Fidelitas clients get through crises and recover from them faster with the help of our PR team.

Media Training

The Fidelitas team works with each client’s key stakeholders to refine their interview skills, rehearse talking points and deflections, and eliminate uncertainty while building the confidence needed for any situation that may arise. Preparation is key to every successful Public Relations campaign, and our PR team ensures that every client is prepared for every opportunity, no matter how large or small.

Event Marketing

Fidelitas Founder and CEO Tyler Sickmeyer got his start as a Christian concert promoter, and he carried those event marketing chops over to Fidelitas. The Fidelitas Development PR team has assisted with a variety of conference events, grand opening celebrations, and media events to drive earned media coverage for clients. Fidelitas takes a detail-oriented approach from start to finish, ensuring that everything is covered so that clients can focus on putting their best foot forward while representing their brands.


Reporting is just as critical in PR as it is for other marketing channels. At Fidelitas, we compile monthly PR reports for our clients to highlight coverage earned, campaigns underway, and the return on investment of those efforts.

We practice what we preach- Fidelitas CEO Tyler Sickmeyer has been featured in the likes of Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox Business, in local news outlets, and on the conference circuit.