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Utilizing Underrated Marketing Channels | LSMP Episode 115

In episode 115, Tyler is joined by Rand Fishkin, CEO and founder of SparkToro. Tune in to learn about the importance of underrated marketing channels like podcasts and the power of influencer marketing.

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In Episode 115 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the unexpected resurgence of Sirius XM. Stay tuned to hear Tyler talk shop with Rand Fishkin, the CEO and founder of SparkToro, which streamlines user insights for marketers. Rand and Tyler discuss the dangers of Google’s new FLoC program, which addresses privacy problems but has little consumer benefit. The two consider the importance of Rand’s article that discusses the implications of Google searches that end with Google-authored results rather than independently created sites. Rand worries that this trend will lead to diminished content creation even though Google is making the user experience more efficient.

Tyler and Rand ultimately examine the importance of underrated marketing channels like podcasts and the power of influencer marketing. Rand’s key takeaway is to identify what media your competitors aren’t using, and then buy low, and sell high.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Rand for a perceptive glimpse into the world of marketing privacy, Google’s continued domination, and the future of untapped marketing channels.

00:00 – Intro
00:56 – What’s in the News: Accurate Targeting Opportunities Expand for Marketers on Audio Platforms
07:19 – Featured Guest: Rand Fishkin
10:21 – Rand’s Opinion on the Google vs. Apple Privacy Battle
12:29 – What is FLoC?
19:30 – Rand’s Google Results Article
27:40 – Are Paid Ads a Necessity For Every Marketing Campaign?
32:13 – What is the Most Underrated Marketing Channel Right Now?
45:33 – How Do You Get a Site Ranked High on Google?
51:00 – Implications of the End of Facebook Insights
54:40 – Rand’s Next Moves
57:40 – Rand’s Key Takeaway

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