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Marketing Agency Red Flags with John Doherty | LSMP Episode 122

In episode 122, Tyler is joined by John Doherty, a digital marketer & founder of Credo. Listen in to discover the top marketing agency red flags. Listen to the Episode! In Episode 122 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler [...]

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Strengthening Community & Fan Loyalty Through TBL with David Magley | LSMP Episode 121

In episode 121, Tyler is joined by David Magley, former NBA player and current President of The Basketball League. Listen in to hear what marketing tactics are working to bring fans out to games and to create loyalty. Listen to [...]

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Why Does Apple Hate Marketers?

Just as marketing leaders everywhere (yours truly included) were reminding the industry why owned channels are important, Tim Apple held Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference and effectively said, “hold my beer.” Apple announced that in iOS 15 it will implement Mail Privacy [...]

3 Part Master Class In Content Marketing Has Arrived

With media buyers continuing to feel like they’re co-starring in the sequel to Bird Box, now seems like a good time to embark on a three-part master class in content marketing. Each of the next three weeks, we’re going to [...]

Are You Capitalizing On Amazon’s Best Quarter Ever?

Capitalizing on Your Amazon Strategy is important. Amazon just announced its best first quarter ever, posting over $100 billion in revenue. As Amazon continues to grab a larger portion of the ever-growing eCommerce industry, it’s leaving a trail of new winners [...]

iOS 14.5 Updates & What It Means For Your Ads

While the media made much ado about Apple’s colorful new iMacs and other product launches this week, Facebook quietly announced a series of changes that are far more meaningful for marketing leaders. Facebook sent an email to a limited number of ad [...]

5 Must-Have Skills of Successful Marketing Leaders

There are few honors greater than the call to lead others. I’ve had the privilege of leading a team of marketing professionals for twelve years now, the last eight of which have come at the helm of Fidelitas Development. Often [...]

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