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Maximize Your Email List With Influencer Marketing Giveaways

It’s an indisputable fact that email reigns as the king of marketing. From facilitating brand awareness to boosting sales, email marketing remains the number one way for brands to engage with their audiences. While it might seem logical that social [...]

Why Does Apple Hate Marketers?

Just as marketing leaders everywhere (yours truly included) were reminding the industry why owned channels are important, Tim Apple held Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference and effectively said, “hold my beer.” Apple announced that in iOS 15 it will implement Mail Privacy [...]

The Definitive Guide To Email Marketing Automation

 Introduction: What Is Email Marketing Automation? We’ve all noticed social media has been on a meteoric rise. There are constantly new consumers and eager eyes watching their Twitter timelines, Instagram feeds, and even LinkedIn profiles. But what about email? [...]

Email and Content Marketing Tips for Marketing Leaders with Aweber’s Jill Fanslau | LSMP Episode 59

In episode 59, Tyler is joined by Jill Fanslau, content marketing manager for Aweber. Jill shares her insight on how to build a brand and a loyal following through email and content marketing. Listen to the Episode!

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5 Ways Firearm Brands Can Advertise Online WITHOUT Google Ads and Facebook Ads [Updated 2022]

Every marketing leader knows that Facebook, Instagram, and Google rule when it comes to digital customer acquisition and engagement. Except, there’s a problem every shooting sports brand faces. Facebook’s (and as an extension, Instagram’s) advertising policy specifically prohibits the promotion [...]

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7 Ways To Build Your Brand’s Customer Database

No matter how great a brand’s customer database is, it dies the moment it stops growing. As consumers become more conscious of their online privacy, building a strong and accurate database is getting more difficult by the day. Afterall, how [...]

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Retail Checklist: Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Are Your Stores Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Ready or not, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here before we know it. Marketers across the country are weeks away from over indulging on turkey and bourbon on [...]

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Email Marketing Best Practices for 2017

By now everyone knows that email marketing isn’t dead- far from it. As we find ourselves in the middle of the fourth quarter, many marketing teams are under pressure to plan campaigns, offers, and budgets for the coming year. If [...]

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